Сutlet maker, Winpot


People want everything the easiest way, and tend to pay for something that will compromise them, putting them at risk. Because there is no method that can infect or access an ATm without being physically. Therefore, both the cutlet maker, Winpot and so many other existing malware are still active and working. Lack and courage or social engineering to be able to access the ATM safely. If you want to open the atm to be able to withdraw money, just the cutlet maker, identified only by Windows 10. Certainly all atm OSs run win7 or infeiror, which makes it clear that it works and will work for a long time. Until they update their OS to cost of billions. What I see and people selling another chicken's egg for mixing, which leads me to believe that only the seller wins and the risk is up to the buyer. with that in mind, I provide the cutlet maker with all the necessary applications, already with calcod, which authorizes the release of money. So if you dare to access an ATM physically, just inject a Hub, with a pendrive containing the cutlet maker and files, a wireless mouse, and one with a Windows XP iso, in case I need to reboot the system. Everything is contained within the available package.

Link download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13sC...ew?usp=sharing
Password: infected
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