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  1. Azuret-Calyx

    Накрутка в соц сетях- самые низкие цены

    I recommend service I am very satisfied vendor give me a lot information which help me and everything works i come back Thanks you again
  2. Azuret-Calyx

    Scam Method

    I have few ideas but not sure what is better 1 - Telegram Group/Channel - crypto invest,products,promote market etc 2 - Instagram account ( 2k followers ) - use for crypto scam ( its means i write some influence show him my page and product and he bumb shit coin ) 3 - ? ( do you have some...
  3. Azuret-Calyx

    Scam brothers

    Lets go scam others i have a lot idea
  4. Azuret-Calyx

    Which is best Scamming Platform

    Its Telegram probably its hit or other social like Facebook,Instagram ? for example when i buy on RuTor more members on telegram like 2k can i do something do with it ? i was scam all time on Dread,hehe and also i have own market
  5. Azuret-Calyx

    Digital Products

    Digital Products Service Non-vbv cards ( United States and Europe ) -We guarantee non-vbv and live Example non-vbv bin and cardable site 414720 / Raise.com 1) go on site pick some products and remove from card for 15-30min 2) after buy gift cards first order 50$ ( max for me ) Captured...
  6. Azuret-Calyx

    | SELL | Source of Marketplace

  7. Azuret-Calyx

    | SELL | Source of Marketplace

    Ready made Script Custom : Loading Animation ( 1st Image ) , Banners and Ads , Categories , Subcategories , Products ( can set Vendors or Admins ) and other more Tested and Secured ( add PGP admins,vendors and customers and other features ) Screenshot shows source and feel...
  8. Azuret-Calyx

    10min its take install our script

    We have ready made script and fresh vps can you install our script ? Payment after we see result
  9. Azuret-Calyx

    Just want Smart and Creative people

    More information about your work and salary we send serious people on message ( Good job is pay 1.000$-3.000$ everything depends on your effective ) our goal is getting workers which think with own head and they re basically smart and creative
  10. Azuret-Calyx

    | ESCROW | Logs from United States and Europe and other States

    So what we can say about logs ? Here random samples ( We dont sort log for this post i ) We try add more than 3x logs but its limited with space When you want cash out logs dont focus only to United States
  11. Azuret-Calyx

    |SELL| Got almsot everything what you need for United States ( we make too docs )

    Hello there, We have bunch PSD templates only from Untied States ( 47 States ) barcode pdf417 ,passport SSN and statements You get trouble with making docs ? Don t worry we can to do it with selfie Front+back+selfie approve verification on Coinbase SHARON M FRANK,815 SW 4TH ST,GRAND...
  12. Azuret-Calyx

    | Escrow | Python bot for Telegram

    Hello there, I own one python bot which work on Groups and Channels ( messages not but when you need message i rebuild it about few hours ) everything you see in Live on your own eyes also after i can explain how its works because its can be pretty tricky and yes you can set time to send...
  13. Azuret-Calyx


    I am not builder of this program. I was just found and share and probably can help etc there is GitHub repository : https://github.com/0xsp-SRD/mortar\ Kaspersky ✔️ ESET ✔️ Malewarebytes ✔️ Mcafee ✔️ Cortex XDR ✔️ Windows defender ✔️ Cylance✔️ TrendMicro ✔️...
  14. Azuret-Calyx

    | Free Products | We Give away "United States Social Security card Template"

    Hello there, You need Social Security Card when you want do loans,open bank accounts and everything where you steal someone identity After we see feedback,we start push Driver License for United States
  15. Azuret-Calyx

    | Free Genesis | invite code

    Hello everyone, We are preparing to be vendors so we give away few items which can handle for novices and rookies when we see feedback we give away free some templates just attach screenshot and everyone have invite for free and we too provide logs from United States and Europe Just write...
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